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Monday - Friday:             9am-5pm

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3658 N Rancho Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89130

Phone: (702) 396-8711

Fax: (702) 396-3172

Las Vegas Cleaning Service

3003 N Blackstone Avenue

Suite 108

Fresno, CA 93703

​(559) 500-2127

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affordable house cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service is actually an incredibly economical idea. With our flat rates we make it easy for you to set your budget.

At Always Ready Cleaning, cleaning is our business. It's what we do (and we do a lot of it) and we're really good at it. So why spend the time you could use honing your own skills doing something as mundane as cleaning? Think about it, to clean your house right you need to spend 4-5 hours.  If you hire us to come to your home just once a month that is 5 hours you can devote to your family, hobby, relationship, etc.  

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Deep Cleaning

Routine Cleaning

Two maids deep cleaning a home. Picture describes a deep house cleaning service. Spring cleaning. Holiday cleaning.
Cleaning an empty home. Picture describing a Move In/Out cleaning service. Scrubbing a sink in an empty house.
Fresno Cleaning Service


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our maids listen to you

Family owned, we put a premium on listening to our customers so that we can deliver an exceptional cleaning experience with every service.

cleaning jobs available

Looking for steady, reliable employment with a growing cleaning company?  Fill out the short form here to set up an interview.

2 Hour Cleaning

professional cleaning services save you time

Move In/Out Cleaning

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Standard home cleaning service. House cleaning includes dusting blinds, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, dusting baseboards. Picture of two maids vacuuming.
Picture of a maid cleaning a light fixture. Picture describes a 2 hour home cleaning service.
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(559) 500-2127

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NEVADA STATE BUSINESS LICENSE: NV20051302214