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Super happy with their work! They did an excellent job especially in my bathrooms. I would definitely recommend Always Ready Cleaning to anyone looking for a house cleaner!

Posted by Sarah Minerva on Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Danielle showed up on time and did a fantastic job. She worked hard and I was extremely pleased with her attitude and...

Posted by Debra Crawford on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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the best way to clean baseboards

The best way to clean baseboards. Picture of a clean baseboard.

Ugh!  Cleaning baseboards/floorboards is the pits.  The thought of crawling on your hands and knees throughout your home is not appealing.  But is there a better way? --- The best, and I mean the absolute best, way to clean your baseboards is regular maintenance.  That is to say, that once they are clean, it is much easier to keep them clean.  All you need to do to keep them clean is buy an inexpensive cob web brush form your local home improvement store.  These brushes come on a pole so you don't even have to bend over, just run the brush over the baseboards once a week and your floorboards will stay clean.  

I know what you're thinking, "My baseboards are already dirty and need to be cleaned, help!"  If this is the case then what you need to do is get down and clean them :-(.  Sorry, you can't say bippity boppity boo and have clean baseboards.  Below you will find the steps that we take as professionals when we are cleaning baseboards.

  1. Start by dusting them.  Use the handy cob web brush that you bought to knock all the loose dirt off.  This is important because if you don't get the loose dirt off first you will make a bigger mess and spend more time cleaning.
  2. Take a bucket and pour into it one part ammonia and 3 parts water.  Ammonia works better than any spray product that you can buy and it will leave the baseboards ready to paint, in case that is the reason you are cleaning them.
  3. Use two rags, or one rag and one sponge.  Dip one of the rags (or the sponge) in the bucket and wipe the baseboards applying more pressure to spots, then use the other rag to dry the baseboard you just cleaned.  Be careful not to use anything abrasive (steel wool, s.o.s. pad, the scrubber side of a sponge) or you may scratch your baseboards.

Come to think of it, there is one option that is better for cleaning your baseboards, just call us!

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